Godus Wars multiplayer screenshot

Godus is the quintessential example of everything people criticize about Steam's Early Access program. Its rarely updated, there's next to no communication from the dev team, long-standing bugs are consistently ignored in favor of releasing a new batch of buggy features, and worst of all, its still being proudly sold and marketed on the Steam storefront.

If you were hoping 22cans would be able to turn the situation around and perhaps create something out of Godus, or Godus Wars as its called nowadays, I'm afraid I bring bad tidings. According to a recent Eurogamer interview with 22cans' CEO Simon Phillips, the Lead Designer Konrad Naszynski has left the company. While there is currently little information on why exactly this happened, Phillips did offer a brief explanation:

"Konrad was actually a contractor and was tasked with building the levels on Godus Wars. He completed these for the last update so his contract ran down. Of course, as and when we need more content we'll talk to Konrad as he knows the process well."

I would love to say something optimistic about Godus Wars right about now, but I'm afraid the reality of the situation is simply too grim. Godus Wars has received its last update four months ago, on March 2, and with a large portion of the 22cans team now working on their upcoming mobile game "The Trail", I highly doubt Godus Wars will ever truly get finished, or even leave the safety net of Steam Early Access. Speaking of which, when asked about the length of their Early Access campaign and when they plan to actually leave it, Phillips only said there's "not a fixed time frame right now".

Godus Wars' victory screenshot