22cans studio has announced Godus Wars

Its been around a year now since 22cans, the studio behind Godus, along with Peter Molyneux went completely radio silent following a massive community backlash over, you guessed it, over-promising and under-delivering.

And now, after a year long exile Peter Molyneux is back once more, this time with Godus Wars, a combat/RTS spin-off of the original god game. Here's my overview of the situation:

First of all by purchasing Godus Wars (which is currently €14,99 / $14,99) you will also get Godus itself. The same works in reverse, if you already own Godus you will get Godus Wars for free which is a nice touch. The plan is to eventually combine both games power rangers style in to one gigantic multi-genre masterpiece but as of right now you're looking at two equally unfinished Early Access games.

Godus Wars currently includes 4 playable deities with a range of abilities, 2 base unit types (archers & catapults), 20 cards with 10 power levels and 2 AI opponents you can spar against, one of which is Bryan Henderson, the guy who won the Godus competition a long time ago but received nothing for it!

Godus Wars is a spin-off of the original god game Godus

What's with the giant strawberry juice container in the middle?

The gameplay is essentially that of a simplistic RTS with plenty of god game mechanics and features thrown in. It certainly does sound interesting but much like Godus the game is so early in development there is almost nothing of that potential on display.

My advice for now is to stay far, far away from Godus Wars because to put it bluntly neither 22cans nor Peter Molyneux have the best track record when it comes to delivering on promises. However, if Molyneux really did change as much as he says he did and Godus Wars goes through a steady stream of updates then I'd suggest you come back and give it a look as the concept as a whole is rather interesting.

Godus Wars is going to have to battle through years of neglect before it can gain the faith of its followers once again but if Peter and the team actually do manage to do so it'll be one hell of a video game redemption story.