Bandai Namco has announced God Eater 1 and 2 as well as One Piece Burning Blood as 2016 PC summer releases

Ever since that fateful Dark Souls petition that got Bandai Namco to first consider PC gaming as an actual thing they've been porting everything they could with some some great success.

And today they've been on an especially large announcement spree, first showcasing Tales of Berseria and now announcing both God Eater games as well as One Piece: Burning Blood as upcoming PC titles in 2016.

I'll admit I know very little about One Piece despite it being immensely popular with everyone surrounding me but I've seen a guy transform in to a dinosaur in the trailer and that is enough for me.

Silliness aside, One Piece: Burning Blood is a colorful fighting game whose focus seems to be on 3v3 team battles (as in you control all 3 characters and can swap around with), transformations and arranging crazy combos through the use of multiple characters, all the fun fighting game stuff.

I don't know much about the One Piece world but the characters seem whacky and unique enough that the gameplay shown felt very diverse and rather fun to watch so despite not being the biggest fan of either its genre or its base material I have to say I'm still interested in what Burning Blood has to offer.

One Piece: Burning Blood has an estimated release date set for June 2016, and to tide you over here's the rather lengthy gameplay trailer:


While I know little about fighting games or One Piece, I do know that I'm excited about God Eater finally making its way to the PC. God Eater's gameplay is best described as one similar to Monster Hunter, another game I wish gets ported to PC, where you embark on missions to capture or kill giant scary monsters.

Through slaying various beasts you'll gain crafting components with which you can upgrade your weaponry in different ways and then use those to kill even bigger monsters so you can get more crafting components and so on. Its a simple concept but one that is very engaging as you're always testing yourself against stronger and stronger enemies.

The best thing is that the two God Eater games coming to PC are the heavily reworked and rebalanced versions of the original two games which means we get to enjoy all of the giant monster hunting without any, hopefully anyway, bugs or broken balance that the games had during their initial release.

Both God Eater games will be coming in the summer of 2016, and you can find the trailer below.