Tales of Berseria, an open world RPG with brawler elements, was announced today for PC and PS4

The "Tales" series crossed over to the PC relatively recently, a few months ago to be exact, with Tales of Zestiria, an open world RPG with some brawler elements mixed in. While it was a great game I can't say I expected a sequel to be announced this quickly.

But here it is. In a video released today Bandai Namco announced Tales of Berseria for the PC and PS4. There isn't much information to on as of right now but from the gameplay in the video it seems to be continuing with the direction Zestiria set the series on.


With what I can deduce from the trailer the central conflict in Berseria will be based around the nature of man and beast with the main character seemingly succumbing to her rage and becoming more alike the beasts she hunts. Its probably a pure coincidence but that reminds me heavily of Bloodborne and its central theme of hunters becoming beasts themselves by giving in to their bloodlust. Either way it should provide a nice story.

What I really don't like is how the main character goes in to battle armored with what I can only describe as S&M underwear, a trope far too many anime styled games seem to follow. Which is a bit odd since in Zestiria characters were mostly dressed for combat. But the Tales series does have a tradition of allowing you to change your outfits so unless that goes away in Berseria this shouldn't be much of an issue.

That said, there is no actual information about the gameplay or the release date just yet, only a "more information coming soon" message from Bandai Namco. Once more is revealed I'll make sure to keep you updated.