The white cat from the Ghost Recon Wildlands Red Dot trailer

When it comes to trailers the only ones I really care about are the ones that showcase long stretches of uncut gameplay, for obvious reasons, but there are occasionally some that catch my eye purely due to how different they are. The one I would like to show off today falls firmly in that second category because it doesn't dwell on the "super serious" aspects of Ghost Recon Wildlands, but instead focuses on a bit of dark comedy with cats, laser pointers, and a high-powered sniper rifle.

Before you dive in, however, its probably worth mentioning that the video has as many logical flaws as its run-time has seconds, so don't fry your brain trying to figure out why someone is sniping in broad daylight with an easily-visible laser sight. That glaring recommendation aside, here's the cat video you came for:

On the other hand, if you're looking for a proper gameplay video that showcases the sort tricks you'll be able to employ, you can find the "Stealth Takedown" walkthrough over here. Its obviously a bit scripted so don't expect to see many flaws or fumbles, but it should at the very least give you an idea if Ghost Recon Wildlands is the sort of game you'd enjoy or not.

The official release is set for March 7th, but if you would like to try your hand at Ghost Recon Wildlands ahead of schedule you can sign up for the closed beta and see how your luck fares you. Ubisoft hasn't yet announced when the beta will start, but judging by previous games its probably going to be late January or early February, so make sure to sign up as soon as you can. Good luck!