Borderlands 4 is Gearbox's next game

While this should come as no surprise given the rampant popularity of the shoot & loot genre, its still good to hear that Gearbox aims to tackle Borderlands 3 as their next game.

This information comes from Eurogamer who attended the PAX East panel and found out that Gearbox will personally be developing the fourth game in the Borderlands series, with Gearbox's main writer Mikey Neumann (whom you might know as Scooter in-game) and Battleborn art director Scott Kester at the helm.

Even though 'Borderlands 4' is officially confirmed, its well worth keeping in mind that barely any work has been done on it so far as Gearbox is still diverting all of their attention to the upcoming 'not really a MOBA' multiplayer shooter Battleborn, which releases on May 3rd.

To further enhance this point, Gearbox isn't even certain of its name just yet, as noted by Pitchford "We don't even know if we're going to call it that. We could call it Borderlands 4 for all we know". Given the naming theme in recent years I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up simply as "Borderlands", because the AAA developers and publishers seems to have a burning hatred for future historians who will have to catalog 17 games, re-makes and re-hashes all bearing the same name, and coming from the same company.

If you're in need of a Borderlands fix while waiting for Borderlands 3/4 to arrive, I heartily suggest you check out Tales from the Borderlands, its one of Telltale's finest works and it manages to capture the spirit of the universe with hilarious accuracy.