Conan Exiles hunting deer with a bow

Conan Exiles, an open-world survival game with a heavy focused on teamwork, is set to arrive in Early Access this January. It will bring with it a massive wasteland to explore, giant snake gods to appease, ancient ruins and temples to delve, as well as variety of rather... unpleasant natives to contend with.

Since all of this might be a bit overwhelming at first glance, Funcom has decided to release a brief overview of how to survive in the harsh wilderness of Conan Exiles. If you prefer the more detailed written version you can find it over here, but if you would instead like to see all of it in action you'll find the preview video down below. Have a look:

While this probably speaks extremely poorly of me, I'm actually most intrigued about the whole slavery business. In most survival games I've tried out so far the biggest annoyance was constantly crafting tiny little items and collecting food, all things that are important, but also incredibly tedious when there are giant dragons to slay! But if you can round up a couple of slaves and get them to do these boring and menial tasks in your name, you'll have a lot more time to do all of the fun stuff, which I must say does sound pretty damn enticing... well, unless you end up being one of the slaves anyway.

If that sounds like something you might enjoy (the gameplay, not actually being a slave), you can learn more about Conan Exiles by heading over to Steam. On the other hand, if you would like an even longer gameplay video featuring most of the stuff you'll be able to do, head on over here. As for the release date, you can expect to see Conan Exiles on January 31st, though it is worth mentioning that this won't be the final version, but rather an early beta build.

Screenshot of colorful dodo birds from Conan Exiles

A screenshot from Conan Exiles showing a city on a cliffside