Conan Exile screenshot showcasing a fierce battle

Despite seemingly being a perfect fit for video game tie-ins, poor Conan has not had the best track record so far. There is, however, a chance for redemption on the horizon as the open-world survival game Conan Exiles is quickly nearing its January Early Access release date.

If you're wondering what exactly this might look like, wonder no more as Funcom has just recently posted a decently sized announcement trailer. There's hordes of people destroying buildings, a giant snake destroying buildings, and there's even an actual giant destroying buildings! Anyway, have a look:

The animations and effects are obviously still placeholders as we're talking about pre-pre-release footage, but the concept itself has a lot of potential. A multiplayer sandbox where the entire goal is to try and kill everyone who doesn't belong to your clan, something most people seem to do naturally in these types of games, certainly sounds like a load of fun. Especially if you can summon a giant, uhh... giant and stomp all over the enemy's toys!

If you would like to learn more about Conan Exiles, or even find out why Funcom is trying their fortune in Early Access, I would recommend you head over to Steam. And to end all of this on a bit of a colorful note, here are some rather lovely pre-alpha images:

Screenshot of colorful dodo birds from Conan Exiles

A screenshot from Conan Exiles showing a city on a cliffside

Screenshot of using a bow and arrow to hunt in Conan Exiles