Full Throttle Remastered screenshot showcasing the new graphics

Ever since Day of the Tentacle Remastered was announced many were expecting to see Full Throttle get the same treatment, and as it so happens, a remastered version is currently in production! It is bringing with it brand new hand-drawn artwork, high resolution animations and backgrounds, as well as higher quality music to make all those hours spent on the road much more enjoyable.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like, here's the recently posted 'First Look' trailer showcasing just that. As for the actual gameplay, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for a little while longer before you get to see it as Full Throttle Remastered is still under heavy development. Anyway, here's the video:

You can expect to see Full Throttle Remastered arrive to the PC and PS4 at some point in 2017, though an exact date isn't known just yet. And if you're a fan of classic point & click games, I would definitely suggest you keep your ears open for a potential release date as Full Throttle is one of the better (and funnier) ones out there, and as such well worth the playthrough!

Full Throttle Remastered screenshot showcasing a lovely beard

Also, HD beards!