Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant official artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Patch 1.1.1 has now arrived, and I'm pleased to say it's looking quite good so far!

[Update]: Diablo 4's August 8th update will buff Barbarians and Sorcerers, increase enemy density and improve boss rewards.

In a bit of a bizarre decision, the Diablo 4 team decided to take the freshly released Season 1 as an opportunity to nerf just about everything related to play power. Damage and survivability went down across the board, cooldown reduction and leveling speed both got reduced, while classes like Barbarians and Sorcerers collected so many random nerfs that their late-game potential cratered compared to the pre-season. Long story short, the update was a mess.

Thankfully, it looks like Blizzard has realized this as they have already announced a variety of major improvements. First and foremost, the Sorcerer and Barbarian classes will be getting some significant buffs in the next few weeks, though the exact details have not been revealed just yet. Personally, I really hope the changes will increase the amount of skill diversity for Sorcerers as having to run all of the defensive abilities on every single build has gotten rather old at this point.

In order to make the moment-to-moment gameplay feel better, the next update will also increase monster density in Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons. The details are once again nonexistent, but this is definitely an excellent change as Diablo 4 is at its best when you're able to plough through hordes upon hordes of enemies, rather than just slowly trudge through half-empty dungeons.

The good news doesn't end there as the update will also decrease respec costs by 40%, increase elixir stack size to 99, improve the late-game leveling speed, and even add a brand new stash tab. And then, in Season 2, we'll also be getting a dedicated gem tab which should make organizing things a lot simpler.

Speaking of Season 2, you can also look forward to a rework of the currently lackluster resistance system, an easier way to hunt for specific unique items and legendary weapons, and even a couple of new endgame activities to complement Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons.

As for the more distant future, Blizzard is looking into adding leaderboards with Season 3, along with giving players an opportunity to once again fight campaign bosses, and perhaps most importantly of all, offer more opportunities to acquire the impossibly rare uber unique items. All of this stuff is quite a few months away so, understandably, the details are once again nowhere to be found.

Once these updates arrive, starting with the Sorcerer and Barbarian buffs at some point in the next few weeks, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I'd recommend against taking the current season too seriously as I'm worried you might just burn out before all of the good stuff actually arrives.