Diablo 4 artwork showing off the demonic hordes

[Update]: Patch 1.1.1 has now arrived, and I'm pleased to say it's looking quite good so far!

As a part of the Season 1 update, Diablo 4 unleashed a whole bunch of nerfs to just about everything related to player power. While this didn't do much to well-rounded classes like Rogue or Druid, it had a noticeably negative effect on Barbarians and Sorcerers which already had an issue with a limited amount of endgame viable spells.

So in order to sort this out, as well as a couple of other issues that appeared since then, Blizzard will be releasing Update 1.1.1 on August 8th. These changes include numerous buffs to all classes, an increase in monster density for Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides, as well as a drastic increase in boss health after level 60 in order to make them an actual fight rather than a simple pushover.

While the bosses will be getting harder, they will also be getting more rewarding! Level 35 and higher bosses will now always drop a Legendary item, and the same goes for Legion events. Similarly, Treasure Goblins will be getting an increased Legendary drop chance from levels 6-14, and a guaranteed Legendary item from level 15 and onward.

The good news doesn't end there as Update 1.1.1 will also be making respec costs a fair bit cheaper, especially at higher levels, as well as giving everyone the option to purchase an additional stash tab with in-game gold! And if you're annoyed about the recent slowdown of the "Leave Dungeon" teleport, you'll be pleased to hear that is getting reverted and the cast time will once again be 3 seconds.

Combine this with a whole bunch of bug fixes and some nifty quality-of-life improvements, and you've got the perfect example of what Update 1.1 really should've been all along. Still, better late than never!

Once Update 1.1.1 goes live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then you can read a few more tidbits about it over at the official website.