Gameplay footage from the upcoming Vampyr RPG

Life is Strange developer Dontnod recently revealed a bunch of new screenshots from their upcoming vampire RPG, Vampyr, showcasing some dark, moody and rather interesting environments. What they didn't mention at all, however, was the gameplay, mechanics or even what type of an RPG Vampyr would be.

As it turns out, according to a video leaked yesterday, Vampyr's combat mechanics are somewhat similar to those found in Bloodborne, though obviously clunkier given its early alpha state. Have a look if you don't mind shaky camera footage:


While this shouldn't even need to be pointed out, I'll do so regardless: do not judge the quality of Vampyr based upon leaked alpha gameplay shot with a poor camera. Instead, simply consider it a teaser of things to come and the direction Dontnod is taking the game in.

And speaking of which, the combat really does seem to be heavily inspired by Bloodborne given the quick slashes and dashes the main character is able to pull off as well as the overall dark visuals intertwined with the Victorian/Gregorian architecture. Its obviously not a straight up copy since spells and abilities feature heavily in combat but its good to know they're drawing influence from one of the best action RPGs around.

Vampyr is set to arrive sometime in 2017 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 so if you're looking forward to some proper, official gameplay footage I'm afraid you might have to wait a little while. But at least you now know what to expect, and there's some consolation in that.