First screenshots from the upcoming vampire RPG Vampyr

After the massive success of Life is Strange the Paris based developer Dontnod announced that they would be transitioning from a coming-of-age adventure to a more serious action/RPG where you play as a doctor who has been inflicted with the Vampire plague.

While there is very little information about Vampyr right now the developers did release a couple of intriguing, but incredibly dark screenshots. I've taken the liberty of increasing the gamma slightly so you can actually see some of the details but if you're interested in the original screenshots in all of their dark glory head over to the Vampyr website. Here are the actually visible ones:

A screenshot from the upcoming Vampyr game

Vampyr screenshot showcasing a man in a dark alley

Vampyr screenshot showcasing a scary looking hospital

Vampires in Vampyr attacking people

Vampyr will be an action RPG set in 1918 London, in a time where the Spanish flu ravaged the city with the few available doctors struggling to save whomever they could. Things become increasingly complicated as the doctor you play as becomes infected with a disease that slowly turns him in to a Vampire, forcing upon him a choice: feed upon his fellow man in order to survive or stave off the hunger and focus on healing as many of the inflicted as possible. The choice will be yours to make and it will, along with your other actions, shape the fate of your character, how others interact with you and the overall direction of the story.

A certainly interesting premise but unfortunately all we know about Vampyr right now, other than the fact that it will most likely be coming sometime in 2017 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.