Final Fantasy IX is coming to PC and mobile, details on the release date are as of yet unknown

The tail end of this year was marked with quite a few Final Fantasy announcements: FFVI is now on Steam, FFVII is getting a complete remake, there were even rumors about X and X-2 coming to PC which right now seem more credible than ever and finally we have the announcement for Final Fantasy IX.

The once Playstation exclusive Final Fantasy IX will be coming to PC and mobile "soon" according to the recently released Square Enix website. There's also a short trailer showcasing the port's improved graphics:


One thing I am immensely grateful for is that they haven't tried to "upgrade" its graphics like they've done with the Final Fantasy VI which resulted in a game that somehow looks worse, and a lot more blurry, than its decade old predecessor.

The PC port will have enhanced graphics and textures as well as a couple of new gameplay features such as autosaving, the ability to speed up battle time, Steam achievements and more.

That's it as far as the information in this announcement goes but if they operate under a non-Valve definition of soon we should have more information flowing in shortly so stick around.