Final Fantasy VI mod replaces the ugly bi-linear blurry filter

A lot of Final Fantasy games have recently been ported, or announced, for the PC and most of them look like faithful adaptations of the original games. The Final Fantasy VI port is sadly not one of those games, instead it comes with completely re-done graphics that somehow manage to look worse than those found in the SNES version.

The most annoying thing of all was the smoothing filter that was applied to everything making the whole game a blurry mess. Thankfully, a modder by the name of Nyxo has managed to remove the filter and bring the game's graphics slightly closer to the original ones.

The download links for the mod, as well as any future FFVI mods that appear , can be found here.

And I have some further good news to announce because there is work currently being done to replace the FFVI port's sprites with the ones found in the original game. Until that happens I would suggest you hold off on the PC version of FFVI because even though its a great game this version of it is not.