While not officially announced, Final Fantasy 6 appeared on the PEGI website (they handle European game ratings) with its platform listed as PC.

I haven't played FF6 in over 10 years if my memory serves me right so it will be interesting to see if the game holds up. My nostalgic view of it tells me its the best game ever with a truly amazing story but when I first played it I must've been 13 so I'm curious what my experience will be now that I'm (very slightly) more mature.

As for the actual release date, the one announced on the PEGI website is simply a placeholder though you can expect it to come soon, most likely within a week or two.

There is one issue however, it might be a port of the mobile version which uses different graphics than the original. This comes down purely to personal preference but I find them to be rather ugly and not faithful to the style of the original. Allow me to show you what I mean, images are courtesy of Kotaku:

This is how the original game looked. Its not pretty by today's standards but back then this was awesome.  

And this is how it looks on the mobile version.

To me the mobile version doesn't really look like Final Fantasy VI, it looks bland, faded and amateurish. But as it stands we still don't know if it is the mobile version that will be ported to PC or not.

I'll make sure to update this article or make a new one once I get any official information.