Far Cry Primal's Survival mode is now available

After being teased for a couple of weeks now Far Cry Primal's survival mode has finally arrived, making the primeval wilderness all the more terrifying. But if you eat danger for breakfast and wrestle bears for fun, you'll be glad to hear there's now a permadeath option available, along with some nifty rewards for those crazy skilled enough to beat the survival mode on expert difficulty and permadeath.

And as a secret added bonus, the patch has also brought in 4K textures to the PC version, so if you want to get mauled by saber-tooth tigers in the most visually pleasing way, now you have the option to do so. As for the survival mode features, you can read my earlier overview, or check out the brand new 'cave painting' Ubisoft released:

Far Cry Primal's survival mode features