Fortnite's sniper standing on top of a wooden fort

It has been less than two weeks since Epic added Duos and Supply Drops to Fortnite's Battle Royale game mode, and already they are planning an absolute ton of new features. You can expect the upcoming patches to bring team communication (including voice chat support), improvements to loot density and inventory management, an anti-cheat system and performance improvements, stats and leaderboards, a better progression system, and the list goes on.

There are far too many major additions to cover in brief, so if you're interested in all of the details you'll find the full list down below. Its a bit on the lengthy side, but there is very little padding, so if you're interested in Fortnite's future I'd say its well worth checking out regardless. Have a look:


Team communication incl. voice chat!

General squads / duo polish

Ongoing shooting and balance tweaks

Map POI (points of interest) and loot density improvements

Spectating improvements

Inventory improvements

Quality of life bug fixes


Alternate configurations

Controller revamp

Input latency improvements on console

Aim assist improvements


10’ console experience of HUD

“Invite system” polish

MOTD system improvements

QOL features for streamers and content creators (hiding HUD elements, etc.)




Cosmetics / loadout


Compendium / mission logs



Console performance, stability, and memory

Server performance and hitch optimizations

Reduction of initial download size and ongoing patch sizes

Level streaming to allow variation for cosmetics

Low end PC compatibility support / improvements


Spinning up more data centers to reduce average ping times

Public test realm

There is currently no specific release date set for these changes, but according to Epic you can expect to see them within the next 4-6 weeks. Naturally, that's just an estimate and its entirely possible some of them will be delayed, but the important thing to take away from this is that the changes are coming in the relatively near future!