Elex 2 official key art without the logo

[Update]: Elex 2 has now landed onto PC and consoles, and much like the original it's as entertaining as it is janky.

As I mentioned throughout my review, the original Elex was a game of extremes, a game where absolutely brilliant ideas constantly intermingle with terrible or poorly executed ones. The bad never overwhelmed the good, however, and so the end result was a thoroughly enjoyable (and thoroughly janky) RPG experience, quite similar to Piranha Bytes' previous work on the Gothic and Risen series.

With that in mind, I'm very happy to say that Elex will 'soon' be getting a sequel. While I can't give you an exact release date just yet, I can at least help tide you over by sharing the recently posted preview that dives into Elex 2's world-ending storyline. Have a gander:

Unsurprisingly the whole thing is once again a little bit janky, but there's definitely a certain charm to it. So as long as Piranha Bytes sticks to their usual formula and creates a highly reactive and immersive world, I have a feeling Elex 2 will be a pretty good time.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once we either get a proper gameplay trailer or a release date. Until then, you can learn a tiny bit more about Elex 2 over at the official website.