Elex 2 official artwork without the logo

If you're a fan of Piranha Bytes' overly ambitious and somewhat janky take on action-RPGs, you'll be pleased to hear that Elex 2 has now landed onto PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Much like the original, Elex 2 gives you the chance to explore a massive open world, befriend or antagonize a variety of major factions, fly into all sorts of cliffs with your trusty jetpack, and naturally, make a whole bunch of story decisions that will eventually come back to bite you.

What this looks like in action, however, that you can find out through the freshly posted "Explanation" trailer. Have a gander, it's quite an informative one:

When it comes to its actual quality, it should come as no surprise to hear that Elex 2 is a Piranha Bytes game in every sense of the word. There's a ton of great ideas at play here, and you can seriously feel the passion and effort poured into it, but all of it is buried under piles of technical problems and janky gameplay. So just like the original, if you're planning to dive in I'd recommend waiting a couple of weeks in order for the team to at least sort out some of the major bugs.

You can keep an eye on these upcoming updates, as well as read some of the player reviews, over at Steam. Have fun, and if you do decide to start playing, do be warned that the difficulty curve is quite steep at the very start.