Overwatch official artwork for Echo

[Update #2]: Overwatch's final hero Echo has now been released for both casual and competitive play.

[Update]: Echo has now been unleashed onto the PTR, and while she's not a support hero as many had expected, she is really fun to play!

When Blizzard first started teasing Hero 32, I speculated that it would either be Dr. Mina Liao, one of the original founders of Overwatch, or the strange Omnic Echo that appeared as a part of McCree and Ashe's cinematic short. What I didn't even consider, however, is that Hero 32 would be a strange mixture of both!

Designed by Liao, Echo is a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence that embodies all of her creator's hopes and dreams. How exactly this came to be, as well as why Echo was even created, you'll find out through the newest story trailer. Have a look:

As for what kind of hero Echo will be, I'm afraid Blizzard hasn't revealed just yet. However, if the Overwatch 2 trailer is any indication, Echo will be able to fly and shoot slowly-detonating blobs of energy. While that certainly sounds like the toolkit of a DPS hero, I really do hope Echo will be a support as Overwatch desperately needs more variety on that front, especially now that Hero Pools are a thing.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once Echo's full reveal goes live. Until then, enjoy the Archives event!