Dota 2 artwork for the new Aghanim’s Labyrinth mode

[Update]: After seven years, Dota 2's Diretide event has now made a triumphant return.

If you ever feel like you need to take a little break between the fairly stressful ranked Dota 2 matches, the newly added Aghanim’s Labyrinth should do quite nicely. It's essentially a cooperative roguelike mode where you and your allies have to face off against a variety of escalating challenges, all the while unlocking both permanent and temporary buffs to help spice things up.

As for what exactly you're even trying to accomplish, as well as what the legendary Aghanim is even like, that you'll find out through the rather lovely cinematic trailer. Have a peek:

While the Aghanim’s Labyrinth game mode will only be active for the duration of the current Battle Pass, the good news is that it is entirely free for all players to enjoy. Naturally, this does also mean that the rewards are somewhat limited in scope. 

As such, you can only expect to unlock a couple of new voice lines to both brag about your accomplishments, as well as annoy all your friends and allies at the same time! However, if you fancy yourself the very best of the best, it's also worth mentioning that there is a weekly challenge run that will see you rewarded with some rather fancy cosmetics should you manage to place near the top!

You can learn more about these challenge runs, as well as Aghanim's Labyrinth in general, over at the Dota 2 website. Have fun!