Door Kickers 2 early alpha gameplay concept

[Update]: After years in development, Door Kickers 2 has now entered Steam Early Access.

If you were wondering when exactly KillHouse Games will announce the release date for Door Kickers 2, I'm afraid I bring some bad news. In blog post that went out earlier this month the developers have announced that they won't be able to reach their "end of 2016" release date, and will instead be delaying Door Kickers 2 to 2017, though without an estimated launch window this time around.

The reason for this is the simple fact that transitioning to a 3D engine has been a lot harder than expected, which combined with various external causes has greatly slowed down the pace of development. But don't worry, Door Kickers 2 is still coming! Here's the most relevant part of the announcement message:

"Door Kickers 2 will not be launching this year anymore. 

We had hoped that we would be able to bring it home this winter, but it’s clear now that it’s not going to happen. 

When we started development in early 2016, we felt that one year should be enough to hit Early Access, but things have not gone nearly as smooth as for our first game. 

There are many reasons for this: transitioning to 3D engine, debugging the new perspective and improving rendering to keep or increase clarity compared to the 2D engine, having to reboot all art, moving our offices, new additions to our families and adding minor features like destructible walls, to name a few. 

We are committed to have Door Kickers 2 as a true sequel – not just a reskin or engine port – and this translates to design improvements and interface changes, code shaking and head scratching. 

We have received tons of messages from you guys asking about it and we’re sorry to keep you waiting, but don’t worry, DK2 is coming and it’s going to be awesome! When? Definitely next year. 

We’re shying away from announcing a specific release date, because the actual date is not important. What matters is delivering the best experience possible for you guys, no compromise."

And if you're wondering what exactly the developers have planned for the Early Access version once it finally releases, here's the full list of initial features:

Single Missions, playable in Single Player and Cooperative Multiplayer

New unit classes – Ranger Marksman and Ranger Machinegunner, with new abilities such laying down (or receiving) Suppressive Fire

Customizable weapon optics and muzzle attachments

Night missions, darkness, hiding people in it and using Night Vision gear or flashlights to see through it!

Destructible walls and opening new entry points.

Smoother path drawing, Path editing, Waypoint Moving

Improved coordination including grouping troopers, movement in stack and automated Line-Of-Sight-based coordination

Rules of Engagement, Sprinting and other new Tactical Options

And more!

While there isn't much information there just yet, you can follow the development of Door Kickers 2 by heading over to the official website.