Door Kickers 2 official artwork and logo

Much like its predecessor, Door Kickers 2 is a top-down tactics game that's all about carefully planning an assault on a heavily fortified area, only to then watch as that plan bursts into flames alongside the nearby walls. Where the sequel will differ, however, is in the number of different operatives you can use, enemies you can fight against, and naturally, doors and walls you can blast apart.

Since this is one of those games that's easier to show than to describe, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. It should clue you in quite quickly on just what Door Kickers 2 brings to the table. Have a gander:

While it has been in development for many years, Door Kickers 2 has only just entered Early Access, and as such it's both unfinished and unpolished. As of right now you're looking at 20 different missions (15 of which can be played in co-op), four unique classes, 28 weapons and pieces of gear, 8 enemy and NPC types, and most importantly of all, a mission editor!

If you're willing to wait the 12 to 16 months Door Kickers 2 is expecting to spend in Early Access, then you can expect to see ~100 missions, ~20 missions specifically designed for co-op play, a whole bunch of new classes and units, randomized missions for even more replayability, and naturally, an assortment of new weapons, gadgets and enemies to use them against.

You can learn more about Door Kickers 2, as well as follow its Early Access progress, over at Steam. Have fun!