Divinity: Original Sin 2 artwork of the various companion characters

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an upcoming turn-based RPG with a heavy focus on combat. It features a variety of elemental combos with highly destructive results, the ability to play in either co-op or singleplayer, numerous NPC followers with their own stories and motivations, and naturally, a bunch of classes and spells to toy around with.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in-game, wonder no more as the developers have released a brief overview trailer showcasing what Divinity: Original Sin 2 is all about. Have a look, its quite informative despite its short length:


If this looks like the type of RPG you would love to sink your teeth into, you might be glad to hear that Divinity Original Sin 2 will be releasing from Steam Early Access later today. I've only played it for a short amount of time so far, mostly because I'm saving it for a proper post-launch playthrough, but the things I've seen have filled me with a great deal of hope for the full version.

So if you would like to learn a little bit more, or just check out some of the other gameplay videos, you'll find what you seek on Steam or the official website. For those of you wondering about the story and companions, however, you'll find a bunch of spotlight videos over here. Enjoy!