Divinity: Original Sin 2 official artwork of all of the companions

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an upcoming turn-based RPG with a heavy focus on combat. It features a variety of elemental combos with highly explosive results, a whole bunch of different spells and abilities to mess around with, and naturally, multiple unique classes to pick and choose from.

Ideally you will want to play Divinity: Original Sin 2 in four player co-op as that would give you the best experience possible, but if you don't have enough friends interested in RPGs, worry not as there will be plenty of NPC followers to help you along on your journey. Since choosing which companions to bring with you on your very first playthrough is an immensely important decision, you might be glad to hear that the developers have now released a whole bunch of brief trailers showcasing their personalities and goals. Have a look, its quite an interesting selection of videos:

You might want to choose your favorites soon as Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be leaving Early Access on September 14th. While its perfectly safe to grab yourself an Early Access copy in preparation for the official launch, it is worth mentioning that your save file will not carry over to the full version, so don't get too invested in your current playthrough. And finally, if you would like to learn more about Divinity: Original Sin 2, or just check out some gameplay videos, you should head over to either the official website or Steam.