Disco Elysium official artwork and logo

[Update]: New and improved Disco Elysium - The Final Cut has now landed onto PC and consoles.

If you've already beaten Disco Elysium and you're looking for some way to spice up your second playthrough, you'll be glad to hear that the recent update has added a hardcore difficulty mode. As the name itself would suggest, hardcore mode will make it so everything is significantly more difficult to accomplish, while failing in a spectacular fashion will be easier than ever.

In other words, the difficulty of every skill check will be going up, while the amount of money you'll be able to scrounge up will be noticeably lower. If that wasn't bad enough, the price of pharmaceuticals will also be increasing, while their healing effects won't be nearly as potent.

While this might sound unnecessarily punishing, it is worth mentioning that Disco Elysium offers plenty of different ways to complete tasks and avoid some of your negative effects. For example, items like drinks and cigarettes you may not have used much throughout your first playthrough, can come in quite handy when the entire world is poised against you. Hardcore mode will still be a ruthless experience and you'll likely fail on more than one occasion, but it'll certainly make for an interesting and hopefully unique story!

You can learn a little bit more about hardcore mode, as well as Disco Elysium itself, over at Steam. Have fun!