Diablo 4 artwork showing off the angel Inarius

[Update]: Diablo 4 has now finally arrived, and while there are some notable issues, it's pretty good fun.

After a whole bunch of previews, teasers and developer diaries, Blizzard has now finally decided to commit to an actual release date. As such, you can look forward to seeing Diablo 4 land unleash hell onto PC and consoles on June 6th, 2023!

Diablo 4 will feature five classes for you to mess around with: Barbarian, Druid, Rogue, Necromancer and Sorceress. The focus is on making each class feel unique and exciting to play, so you can expect to see a wide variety of customization options for them, both in terms of visuals and gameplay. So as long as the balance holds up, Diablo 4 should have a ton of replay value.

Speaking of which, Diablo 4 is also aiming to have a nearly endless amount of content for you to plough through. Besides the main campaign that will serve as your guide through the world of Sanctuary, Diablo 4 will come with 150 detailed dungeons, a bunch of heavily defended strongholds, numerous local events and world bosses, as well as an endgame system that will have you conquer increasingly harder challenges in exchange for experience, crafting materials and legendary gear.

What some of this looks like in action, as well as what sort of visual style and atmosphere Diablo 4 is going for, that you can find out through the most recent developer stream. It's a bit of a lengthy one, but it's well worth skimming through if you're curious about Diablo 4. Have a gander:

The final thing worth mentioning is that Diablo 4 will be holding an open beta before its official launch on June 6th. The exact date for the open beta has not been revealed just yet, though Blizzard has announced that those that pre-order the game will be allowed in ahead of schedule.

Once more information becomes available, or Blizzard releases another major preview, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a little bit more about Diablo 4 and its various editions over at the official website. Enjoy!