Diablo 4 angel Inarius screenshot from a cinematic

[Update #2]: Diablo 4's Season 1 will be launching on June 20th with new quests, items, boss and fresh start.

[Update]: Diablo 4 has massively buffed experience gains in Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides.

After many years of waiting filled with all sorts of teasers, previews and developer blogs, Blizzard's much-anticipated ARPG Diablo 4 has now finally arrived. Well, while it may have some noticeable flaws, I'm extremely happy to say that it was worth the long wait!

I'll have a full review up in the near future once I explore a bit more of the late-game, but here's the short version for now: Diablo 4 is a highly polished ARPG with excellent moment-to-moment gameplay mechanics and a fun world to run around in, though also a couple of annoying problems. The three big things holding it back are the somewhat messy plotlines towards the end, a curious lack of quality-of-life features found in Diablo 3, as well as an overly harsh level/damage scaling system.

Personally, I wouldn't consider any of these to be a deal breaker unless you're looking to pour in a serious amount of hours into Diablo 4 over the next few weeks before Blizzard is able to address the main concerns. So if you're a relatively average player and you're just here to blast demons into a million little pieces, I'd say Diablo 4 is worth looking into a bit more closely.

You can start by checking out the gameplay-focused launch trailer below. That should hopefully give you a pretty good impression of just what Diablo 4 is trying to do and whether it's even your type of game. Have a peek:

If you prefer the written word, you can also read more about Diablo 4 and its gameplay mechanics over at the official website. Enjoy, and here's to hoping Blizzard will sort out some of the aforementioned problems in the near future. If they do, I'll make sure to let you know.