The past few months showed that big developers are very interested in experimenting with virtual reality gaming, what with Crytek announcing The Climb and Ubisoft their Eagle Flight. But it isn't just the big players that are throwing their hats in to the VR ring however, there are also plenty of upcoming VR focused indie games such as Desolus, which is being made by a single person.

Desolus is a rather pretty & very stylish first person puzzle/exploration hybrid where you are able to harness the power of a black hole in order to absorb and redirect the power of the stars. While it is currently in alpha there is a short gameplay video showcasing the mechanic in action:


According to Desolus website the gameplay is best described as a cross between Metroid Prime and Portal with a heavy focus on exploration, evolving gameplay mechanics and abstract puzzle solving. As you progress through the game you will acquire new abilities that come with unique mechanics which you will then be able to use to access previously blocked off areas, Metroid style.

You can expect to see Desolus on the PC & Oculus Rift in late 2016.