Soar through the skies of Paris in Eagle Flight

Just let that sink in for a moment. We live in a world where a AAA publisher is making a game exclusive for virtual reality headsets. It is amazing to see how far gaming, and technology itself, have gotten over the years.

Ubisoft's VR game Eagle Flight will have you flying across a rather hole-ridden Paris on the wings of an eagle. It seems like a fairly experimental game but as long as the price is right I would love to be able to fly around/crash headfirst in to buildings.


You might have noticed a lack of people and traffic in the video and there is a reason for this. Eagle Flight takes place 50 years after humanity vanished from the face of the Earth which seems like an odd number to chose given how well preserved everything is.

What really did catch me off guard is that this seemingly has multiplayer, as you might see at the end of the video, and not only does it have multiplayer Ubisoft is also advertising "heart-pounding aerial dogfights". There will be two PvP multiplayer modes that can hold up to 6 players and despite how silly Eagle PvP sounds I expect this to be quite thrilling as you zig zag through the streets with someone hot on your tail...feathers.

While I'm still not sure what to think about all of this, especially without actually owning a VR headset of any kind, it does give me confidence in the future of VR tech if so many big developers/publishers are willing to jump in. Eagle Flight will be coming in 2016.