Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City DLC screenshot of a dragon

[Update]: After some technical troubles, online features are now back on the PC version of Dark Souls 3, while the rest of the series will follow soon.

The Ringed City, Dark Souls 3's second and final piece of DLC, is coming on March 28th, and in order to prepare things for its arrival FromSoftware will be issuing a sizable patch on March 24th. If you've pre-ordered The Ringed City DLC, or if you have the Season Pass, the most important part of this update will be the arrival of two PvP arenas: Dragon Ruins and Grand Roof. You can find out what Dragon Ruins is all about by heading over here, but long story short, the two arenas are going to be the best way to get some organized PvP action.

And in order to make all of that PvP as enjoyable as possible the developers are also planning to release a whole batch of balance changes and bug fixes. You can find the full patch notes by heading over to Steam, but if you're just interested in the highlights I'll list out all of the important changes below. Have a look:

Improved defense and also reduced weight for heavy armor.

Improved attack power for Daggers. In accordance with this fix, critical hit is decreased in order to make critical power the same as present.

Improved motion of normal attack for Ultra Greatswords, Great Hammers and Curved Great Swords.

Decreased stamina depletion when attacking using Ultra Greatswords, Great Hammers, and Greataxes.

Improved attack power for Curved Greatswords.

Decreased motion of normal attack while dashing for Katanas. Improved motion of any other normal attacks.

Improved motion of shield bash skill. In accordance with this fix, stamina consumption has been reduced.

Improved the Bleed build-up of Blood infusions. Reduced Bleed build-up of weapons not infused with Blood.

Improved the Poison build-up of Poison infusions.

Increased the damage of Poison and Toxic dealt by players, and shortened its duration.

Extended the time you can move during the casting of the miracles of Gnaw, Dorhys' Gnawing and Wrath of the Gods

If you're interested in seeing what The Ringed City DLC will bring to the table, however, you'll find one of the recent gameplay previews over here. The video does not feature any spoilers, but it does showcase one boss and a couple of deadly traps, so if you want a completely pure experience you might want to avert your eyes. But otherwise, enjoy!