Dark Souls 3 screenshot showing flaming swords and demon weapons

The Ringed City is going to be Dark Souls 3's second and last piece of DLC, but perhaps most importantly of all, the grand finale of the entire Dark Souls series. It will bring with it new bosses to tackle, an assortment of new weaponry to fight them with, a whole bunch of strange lore to puzzle over, and even two new PvP arenas where you can team up with a buddy and kick some serious ass.

While the details are still lacking the developers have just released a brief video preview of one of the arenas - Dragon Ruins. So if you're interested in seeing what sort terrain you will be covering with copious amounts of blood, look no further than the video below:

If you're getting some bad flashbacks to Dark Souls 1 and its failed arena system, worry not as FromSoftware has managed to learn from their mistakes. You can group up with your buddies by using the password system, that has remained unchanged, but you will now be able to play against other players without the need to share your password with them as well. In other words, its going to be your fairly standard matchmaking system, and for Dark Souls that is one hell of an improvement!

The Ringed City DLC will be coming to PC and consoles on March 28th, but if you've already pre-ordered the DLC you will be able to mess up the new arenas starting from March 24th.