Crusader Kings 3 screenshot of the coronation from the trailer

[Update]: Crusader Kings 3 has arrived with even more scheming and treachery than before!

After a decade of backstabbing, thievery, heresy and copious amounts of infidelity, it would appear that Crusader Kings 2's stay on the throne is soon coming to an end. According to the latest announcement from Paradox, the new and improved Crusader Kings 3 has now been pinned for a September 1, 2020 release date.

In terms of content, Crusader Kings 3 is looking to be a straight up sequel, with most of the mechanics and themes from Crusader Kings 2 making a return. So expect to see character-focused gameplay with each one having their own unique personality, plenty of noble houses to infiltrate over the five century timespan, various events inspired by history, and most importantly of all, the usual assortment of schemes and skulduggery.

While the recently posted trailer doesn't offer much in terms of gameplay, it will give you a pretty good impression of just what kind of 'story' Crusader Kings 3 is going for. Have a gander, it's a fun trailer:

You can learn more about Crusader Kings 3, as well as keep an eye on any future updates, over at the official website.