HTC Vive international prices have been leaked

For those of you that missed the initial announcement, the HTC Vive will cost a hefty $799 and ship sometime in early April though no price tag beyond the US one was revealed.

While nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet, a Neogaf member by the name of artsi came upon a hidden image on HTC's blog that detailed many of the missing international prices. Here they are:

USA - 799 USD plus tax

Canada - 1,149 CAD plus tax

Australia - 899 USD

China - 6,888 CNY

Taiwan - 27,900 TWD

Japan - 111,999 JPY

UK - 689 GBP

Most of Europe* - 899 EUR

*includes Austria, Belgium, Czech, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

Let me just reiterate this once again, these prices haven't been officially confirmed so even though the rumor seems to be legitimate the exact numbers might not be the same now as they were when the image was created.

The good news, if this is all true, is that the majority of the world will be paying more or less the same price for the Vive (when you include taxes) making it still an expensive device but at least a fair one.

If you are interested in preordering the HTC Vive you will be able to do so on February 29th and as a small bonus for early adopters HTC is throwing in two free games: Job Simulator & Fantastic Contraption.