HTC Vive will cost $799 on launch

If you're like me and you held off from preordering the Oculus Rift due to the rather spicy $599 price tag then I'm afraid I have some bad news in regards to the Vive.

According to a recent article by UploadVR (which has subsequently been confirmed by other sources) the HTC Vive will set you back $799 and will arrive sometime in early April. 

[Edit] HTC has now officially confirmed the rumor, you can find the full details at their website.

The reason for the $200 higher price tag compared to the Oculus Rift is the fact that the Vive comes with two motion controllers and a pair of "Lighthouse" laser base stations that are used to track your movement across an entire room. A very enticing prospect but I have a feeling the price will need come down a few degrees before the Vive gets mass-market appeal, especially if shipping isn't included in the final amount like with the Rift.

The recently redesigned Vive headset

The recently redesigned Vive headset

Another interesting thing that just got revealed is that the HTC Vive will be arriving with an internal microphone and bluetooth support that will allow you to take phone calls, connect with mobile phones and potentially even have face to face conversations in the future. With the addition of a front-facing camera and now even a built-in microphone it seems that HTC is aiming for a more social experience with their VR headset, which does sound like a wise idea.

HTC Vive preorders will begin on February 29th and will come bundled with two games: Job Simulator & Fantastic Contraption.