Cities: Skylines airports DLC screenshot

[Update #2]: After eight years of updates, city-building sim Cities: Skylines will be getting an ambitious sequel in 2023.

[Update]: Cities: Skylines' Plazas & Promenades DLC will allow you to make pedestrian-friendly cities.

Unlike some of the more general DLCs that improved upon a variety of different areas and trouble spots, the freshly released Airports expansion is about as laser-focused as it gets. It's literally all about giving you the ability to design and construct your very own airports out of an assortment of modular buildings, as well as making it easier to integrate said airports with your bustling city.

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of just what the Airports expansion is trying to do:

Judging by some of the user reviews so far, it seems like the Airports expansion has delivered exactly what it said it would, though not without some technical issues. So unless you're extremely eager to take off, it might be a good idea to give the developers a week or two to sort some of the issues before jumping in. And if not, well, at least you'll get to enjoy some of the miraculous new passenger planes that can take off vertically!

You can read a little bit more about some of these issues, as well as follow any subsequent updates, over at Steam. Enjoy!