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[Update]: The newly launched Update 1.2 has brought in an absolute ton of bug fixes and improvements!

In an announcement that came pretty much out of nowhere, CDPR has now released a whole bunch of resources and specialized tools to help modders. While these new tools will not directly give you the ability to mod the game, they will allow you to create your very own tools and really dig deep into Cyberpunk 2077's internal parts.

As for what exactly each of these tools and resources even do, that you can find out through the brief list down below. Have a gander:

Metadata - Per game release, required by some of the tools

ArchiveDump - A utility for listing contents of game data archives

TweakDump - A utility for listing contents of game Tweak DB (game settings) binaries

TweakDB IDs - A list of IDs of Tweak DB entries. Generated using TweakDump and tweakdb.str metadata

All of this is fairly technical stuff which makes it somewhat unexciting to talk about, though it's still an important step forward for Cyberpunk 2077's modding scene. Not only will this give the modding community much easier access to the data they need, but it'll also help them create those all-important tools that will lead to more and more complex mods somewhere down the line.

That will likely take quite a few months, however, so a degree of patience will be required here. Until then, you can learn a little bit more about these new modding resources, as well as download them yourself, over at the Cyberpunk website.