Street Fighter V beautiful background screenshot

Despite not really keeping an eye on the fighting game community, even I've heard about the numerous complaints surrounding Street Fighter V's netcode. The most prominent of these issues is the artificial lag that can sometimes occur between two players, eventually resulting in one-sided roll-backs that completely destroy any semblance of timing and precision for the player in question.

However, in a bit of a surprising twist of fate, a community member called Altimor ended up releasing a patch that more or less addressed the entire issue. Naturally, the fan-made patch brought in some fresh new problems, but after years of inaction from Capcom, the community was seemingly more than willing to bear them if it resulted in a smoother experience overall.

Altimor's patch ended up being such a success that Capcom eventually took notice, and then even announced that they are working on their very own netcode update. A short while has past since then, and I'm very glad to say that this update has now finally arrived to Street Fighter V!

The details are unfortunately few and far between as Street Fighter V's patch notes are woefully inadequate. However, from what I've managed to surmise, it would appear that the netcode update is a noticeable improvement over the base version, though not the sort of miracle cure many had hoped it would be. Still, it is a solid step forward for Street Fighter V, and hopefully the first of many such updates to come.

Whatever the future may bring, you can keep an eye on any further Street Fighter V updates over at Twitter. Until then, good luck with your matches!