Rogue Lords official artwork for Bloody Marie

I don't know what exactly has happened over the past year or so, but there are suddenly a whole bunch of different roguelike strategy games being released or announced, and I couldn't be happier about it! The latest addition to this ever-growing pile is the freshly announced Rogue Lords, a turn-based roguelike developed by Call of Cthulhu and Styx developer Cyanide.

The action in Rogue Lords takes place in 17th century New England where instead of playing as the good guys, you'll be taking control of a variety of high-profile bad guys in order to sow as much chaos throughout the lands as possible. The full list hasn't been announced just yet, but expect to see some colorful characters given that Bloody Mary, Dracula, the White Lady and Baron Samedi have been confirmed so far.

In terms of gameplay, Rogue Lords will have you freely roam across the 3D map and choose just how to deal with the various situations and characters that pop up. If everything goes to hell, quite literally in some cases, you and your character will need to use special abilities and good ol' fashioned brawn in order to overcome any opponents.

However, should you lose and find your characters vanquished, the entire campaign will cease and you'll have to start from the beginning. A little bit harsh, but given that Rogue Lords is a roguelike game, I fully expect each campaign to be a fairly short affair, and so the setback shouldn't be all that bad.

Whether that is actually the case or not, we'll find out this Autumn as that's when Rogue Lords is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.