Brutal Doom 64 is in the works

After finishing work on an entire new campaign for Brutal Doom, SGtMarkIV has now turned his attention to one of Doom's most famous ports, the Nintendo 64 one.

The goal is to revitalize the GZDoom port of Doom 64 with new special effects, particles, lightning, and tons of completely unnecessary, yet oddly satisfying gore and gibs. Its still early in development, but a short gameplay video was released a few days ago, have a look:


If you're wondering why exactly SGtMarkIV is working on a Doom port even though he nearly perfected his work on the original game, its because Doom 64 is not a straight up port of Doom, its more of a re-imagining. It features improved graphics, deadly traps, different enemies, reworked weaponry and a whole lot more.

However, despite the long list of new features Brutal Doom 64 was forced to cut a fair amount of content, either due to hardware issues or on the behest of Nintendo themselves. This is where Brutal Doom 64 comes in as it aims to not just improve Doom 64 in terms of graphics, but also content by resurrecting all of the monsters, weapons and levels cut from the original release.

Brutal Doom 64 improved lighting

Fancy new visuals and tons of blood everywhere, that's Brutal Doom for ya

The mod is still under heavy development so there is no download link, but if you would like to follow its progress head over to the Brutal Doom 64 Moddb page.

Its a shame it won't be coming out soon because Brutal Doom 64 would be an excellent appetizer before Bethesda's modern Doom finally arrives on May 13th.