[Update]: Nearly a decade after launch, Broforce has now unleashed its final update - Broforce Forever!

Broforce might look like its trying too hard to be funny but underneath all of that is a really great homage to old action movies and games so don't dismiss it out of hand.

And if you ever thought Broforce couldn't be any more bro they've added two more bros... bro. This is a part of their free update called Lightning Strikes Twice which besides the titular bros is bringing in a bunch of new items as well as a challenge mode.

The most noticable addition in the patch are the two new freedom bringing characters, Raiden Broden and the Highlander Brolander but I think the biggest thing will be the barely advertised Cover Ops levels. They are Special challenge maps designed around each unique bro and their special attacks and even if they end up being fairly short its still one hell of a boost to the amount of content Broforce has when you consider how many bros there are.

If you're not sure if freedom and liberty are things that appeal to you try playing the Expendabros, a short stand alone game that functions like a demo for Broforce. In other words its free so you might as well give it a shot.

The reason I'm praising Broforce is because, simply put, it deserves it. Free Lives didn't just make a good game and left it at that, they continued to support it fairly frequently past launch and that is something I can appreciate. Especially these days with seemingly everyone trying to put in microtransactions.

Also, the kickass trailers such as this one definitely help: