Borderlands 3 screenshot of the rather divisive character Ava

[Update]: The Director's Cut DLC has now arrived, and so far the reviews are mixed.

If you were hoping to get your hands on Borderlands 3's newest DLC this March 18th, I'm afraid I bring some bad news. Due to the recent storm in Texas messing things up for the Borderlands 3 team, the Director's Cut add-on has now been delayed until April 8th.

"Thankfully, all of our team members and their families are safe and healthy, but our work on Director's Cut was unavoidably disrupted and we've ultimately decided to shit the release date to ensure we deliver the best possible experience," explains the brief update.

As for the contents of the DLC itself, I'm afraid that Gearbox is still keepings things fairly hush-hush. What I can tell you is that the Director's Cut will bring with it a brand new raid boss, a couple of missions that will hopefully redeem Ava in the eyes of fans, an assortment of cosmetics, as well as some behind-the-scenes stuff like concept art and bloopers.

Once Gearbox shares more information, ideally alongside a gameplay trailer, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I'll leave you with one of the recent developer videos discussing Borderlands 3 and the Director's Cut DLC. It's a bit overly long and meandering, but if you're really itching to find out more, it's probably worth a closer look. Enjoy!