The official cover artwork for the Overwatch comic about Bastion - Binary

Blizzard promised a whole bunch of Overwatch story content in 2017, and so far they are doing a damn good job at keeping their word. They recently released a brand new hero onto the PTR alongside her own origin story and brief lore video, and now they have decided to once again tackle everyone's favorite murderbot Bastion.

So if you're interested in learning how Torbjorn and Bastion first met you'll find the "Binary" short comic over at the Overwatch website. However, you can also find an astonishingly well animated version of the comic by heading over here, so unless you're under a heavy data cap I would suggest you go with this one first.

I might absolutely despise facing off against Bastion in-game, but Blizzard has made him far too likable to actually hate. But while Bastion is definitely the highlight of the comic, it is Torbjorn that has received the most characterization. Given that he has created these machines of mass destruction its easy to understand why Torbjorn hates Omnics, but to see him interact with Bastion in such a pleasant way is quite a surprise.

As you can learn on the King's Row map Torbjorn is heavily opposed to increased Omnic rights, but it seems that anger might be coming out of fear and regret rather than genuine hatred. Either way its great to see Blizzard go back and add tiny bits of characterization to Overwatch's already fascinating cast, and here's to hoping they'll continue doing this as often as possible!

Torbjorn and Bastion talking in the Overwatch Binary comic