Overwatch's animated short featuring Bastion

When it comes to creating amazing cinematics there are very few studios that can compete with Blizzard as they have been churning out some of the best moments in gaming for nearly two decades now.

With that in mind, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that their latest "The Last Bastion" animated short is simply outstanding as well. There is not even a single word spoken throughout its 7 minute run time, yet it manages to tell a compelling story about a character everyone loves to hate. Have a look, its well worth the time:


Bastion's story is certainly touching, there's no denying that, but what I really want to see next is the story behind the whole Omnic Crisis. The few glimpses we got through Bastion's flashback were downright terrifying as the humans basically had no chance fighting in the open field, even with the Crusader's shields. This sort of thing, though expanded to actually include Reinhardt or other such Overwatch characters, would be a great way to show the villains side as well, because let's face it, hordes of sentient murder-bots are not the most pleasant of things to have around.

On a final and somewhat unrelated note, a massive patch recently landed on the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Realm), so if you feel like checking out Season 2 and the various balance changes, head over here. Have fun!