Overwatch's Tracer posing

You would think that simply knowing Overwatch launches on the 24th would be enough, but Blizzard has gone a step ahead and detailed their whole release schedule down to the very minute, a move that's most likely going to save them a whole lot of sleep as Overwatch fans have proven to be quite... restless since the Open Beta ended.

Overwatch will be launching for all platforms and regions at the same time, and if you're wondering when exactly that will be for your country I would suggest you lower your eyes to the gigantic image below, it has all of the information:

Overwatch release date times for the whole world

On the topic of whether its worth the purchase or not, the answer is most likely going to be a positive one if you enjoy team-based FPS games. I've done a review of the Open Beta version, and while it certainly is flawed in a couple of areas its still some of the most fun running and gunning I've experienced in recent years.