Blizzard has released a video on the upcoming new skins and heroes

A short while ago Blizzard first announced the two upcoming Diablo themed heroes, Xul the Necromancer (pictured above) from Diablo 2 and Li Ming the Wizard from Diablo 3.

Even though I expected the two heroes to be showcased not too long after the announcement I'm surprised to see that their character models and abilities (in Li Ming's case) are already finished. Take a look for yourself:


While I'm not the greatest fan of how the Wizard turned out, what with the bulky master armor and everything being so pointy, the Necromancer looks exactly like what most people would imagine a HD version of the D2 Necromancer to look like. And with a master skin that good I have a feeling the Necromancer is going to have trouble selling current and future cosmetics.

On the topic of older heroes its a bit surprising that Star Lord Leoric wasn't in the video showcase given that the skin is set to release sometime soon and fits thematically with the rest of them.

As for when the two heroes and all of these skins will be arriving to Heroes of the Storm Blizzard didn't say exactly but you should expect them to show up over the next few weeks. And given how finished the two new heroes seem its probably going to be sooner than you expect.