Two new Diablo themed heroes will be entering Heroes of the Storm soon

In a recent interview for Metabomb Dustin Browder talked in depth about all things Heroes of the Storm, from matchmaking improvements, to balance changes and the two upcoming heroes. If you're interested in how the HOTS team works behind the scenes and what influences their decisions I'd recommend you give the interview a read since I'll just focus on the two new additions here.

Two two upcoming heroes are Xul the Necromancer from Diablo 2 and Li Ming the Wizard from Diablo 3. As of right now there is no release date or official info on the heroes but here's an overview of what's known about them:

Li Ming will feature three different core builds you can take her through, each focusing on a different engagement range. The Arcane Orb orientated build will be your long ranged option perfect for harassing, poking and generally controlling the movement of your enemies though it will come at a cost of pure power.

The Magic Missile build is the mid-range variant giving you access to both long range poking and some short ranged burst. The overall plan with a Magic Missile build is to be as flexible as possible, constantly slinging spells at the enemy while never standing still for long enough to get hit yourself.

The final variant of the Wizard will be focused on teleporting, and lots of it. The Teleport build will give you access to massive amounts of damage and burst potential though all of it will involve bringing your very fragile self in to the middle of combat in order to execute the combo and then hopefully teleporting out. There's going to be a very big risk/reward element to this build and as such it is not recommended to newer players.

The latest upcoming hero for Heroes of the Storm is Li Ming the Wizard

To me she will always be the Sorceress

Xul on the other hand has had a lot less spotlight on him, which makes sense given his dark brooding nature, and as such information is a bit scarce. What we do know is that he will be a flexible offensive caster who can summon skeletons, put annoying curses on enemies and will generally embody everything the Diablo 2 Necromancer stood for, which in my mind is spamming Bone Spears all day, every day.

If you're a bit disappointed with the lack of reveals as far as Hero spells and talents go I wouldn't worry too much because every Blizzard reveal was quickly followed with a plethora of official information and a trailer so keep an eye on those in the coming days.