Hearthstone's One Night in Kharazan expansion

Hearthstone's upcoming "One Night in Kharazan" Adventure has been greatly teased over the past two weeks as Blizzard slowly revealed card after card, but thankfully the brief period of madness and rampant rumors is now finally over as the most recent developer stream brought with it the announcement of the last few cards. If you would like to get a good look at all of them, simply head over to the official Hearthstone Facebook page.

While the release of ~40 new cards would usually be cause for celebration amidst the Hearthstone community, especially since they come alongside a rather funky Adventure, that is unfortunately not the case as Blizzard has managed to once again neglect the Priest class by printing exactly the types of cards it doesn't need: the slow and situational ones. Things don't end there, however, as Priests who are objectively the worst class in the game right now (both in Constructed and Arena) are also getting one of the worst cards ever to grace Hearthstone - Purify.

In order to show exactly how terrible Purify is and why the Priest players are so angry, here's a little comparison between it and the Menagerie Warden, a brand new beast Druid card:

Hearthstone's Menagerie Warden cardHearthstone's Purify card

Even a cursory glimpse at Menagerie Warden will tell you that this card is absolutely insane! Play a Stranglethorn Tiger on turn 5, play Menagerie Warden on turn 6 and you've suddenly got 10/10 in stats for 6 mana, with an upside! This will most likely give rise to beast Druid decks, or at the very least Druid decks that splice in a couple of beasts here and there, but whatever the case may be the Menagerie Warden will open up new paths for the Druid class to take.

Purify on the other hand is a 2 mana card that makes your own creatures worse... in order to cycle a single card out of your deck. Sure, there are some minions like Ancient Watcher that you would actually want to silence, but even if you drew both of these cards in the perfect order you would still be paying 4 mana for a 4/5, or as we in the business like to call it - playing a Yeti. However, if you draw any of these two combo pieces out of order, your hand will now have a completely useless card in it. Unfortunately, things get even worse when you consider that Priest already has a card that silences minions, for free and you can even target enemies, and its still completely unplayable in today's hyper-aggressive constructed environment... so who in the world thought that Purify is exactly what the underperforming Priest needs right now?

Don't get me wrong with all of this, I still look forward to playing One Night in Kharazan as its without a doubt going to be a blast to beat on Heroic, but the balance team behind Hearthstone has dropped the ball so hard its currently drilling its way to China. Hopefully, albeit unlikely, they'll take the Overwatch team as an example of how to listen and react to community complaints and fix this whole mess before it even becomes reality, as there is currently still plenty of time to do so given that One Night in Kharazan arrives on August 12.