Hearthstone's next adventure is One Night in Kharazan

World of Warcraft's Kharazan is a somber place where the ghosts of those long-dead wander endlessly, bound there by demonic magic. The version of Kharazan arriving to Hearthstone on August 12, however, is a bit... different.

In a moment of madness, or pure brilliance depending on your perspective, the Great Magus Medivh has transformed the arcane tower of Kharazan into the ultimate celebration destination with plenty of dancing and feasting to be had by all. Perhaps it would be best if you just saw the trailer, and do try and pay attention to the lyrics, they're quite something:


While the premise itself might be completely and utterly ridiculous given the established lore, Hearthstone has never been a very serious game and as such this whole nonchalant attitude fits it perfectly. More importantly, Kharazan is one of the most imaginative raids World of Warcraft has ever known, so unless the Hearthstone team somehow botches the whole expansion, there should be plenty of really interesting boss battles to go through.

None of the "funky bosses" have been revealed just yet, however, but Blizzard did announce the two cards we'll get simply by completing the free Prologue. Here they are:

Hearthstone's Enchanted Raven cardHearthstone's Kharazan Firelands Portal car

The "One Night in Kharazan" Adventure will open its doors on August 12 with most likely the Prologue and First Wing, after which there will be a new Wing released every week for the next three weeks. As before, you'll be able to buy the whole set with either in-game gold or real money, purely depending on how much you value your own free time.